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Qingyian Chen

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Current Research Program Documents for download:

The Design of Displacement Ventilation Systems Within Industrial Facilities


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Research Plan


983-TRP            Design Approaches to Industrial Ventilation
Current Status  John Riley  reported that some literature translation of various documents had been completed. He described one example where a disparity between some current document and the Russian example it was taken from. The PMS had requested the PI to focus first on the documents referenced in Chapters 28 and 29 of the Applications Handbook for accuracy, especially the foreign documents and to suggest example problems and tables to replace the complicated theory and equations.

1174-S              Ventilation Systems and Indoor Air Quality in Ice Skating Rinks
Current Status : ON HOLD


RTAR              Airflow Patterns and Open Structure Infiltration Analysis of Large Industrial Facilities

Current Status : NO PROGRESS

WS                   Airflow Measurement of Biological Safety Cabinets

Current Status : NO PROGRESS


RTAR              Energy Conservation in Industrial Ventilation Systems


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